Donate Supplies

If you would like more information on how to get your donations to us or clarity on what to donate, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Bras & Prosthetics

Breast Prosthetics
New or gently used

Prosthetic Bras
New or gently used. Bras which have been produced as prosthetic bras and have underwires or light padding are acceptable.

Regular Bras
New or gently used, full-coverage only, no underwire or padding.
Especially require the following sizes: 34B, 36B &  C, 38B & C, 40B & C

NOTE: Bras with less than full coverage and underwire and/or padding are not acceptable for use in the Clinic as they cannot be adapted into prosthetic bras. However, they are acceptable for donation to our Tiangus Sale. Please separate these types of bras before sending them and mark them ‘Tiangus Sale’. This pre-sorting makes things much easier at Clinic time!


Dark colors preferred. Please no blonde or grey.

Oblong shape preferred. Both light weight and warm scarves are appreciated!

Costume Jewelry
Any earrings (no-clip ons), necklaces and bracelets

Sun hats, women’s ball caps (no beer logos), visors, fedora, etc. Bright, pretty colours preferred!

Clothing for Tiangus
Lingerie and Bras – Underwire and padding are acceptable!
Clean, new or gently used clothing

Knitting Materials
Soft, light colored cotton blend yarns used for tit bit prosthesis.

Good quality unused lipsticks, any new makeup, sponges/application products

Sewing Materials

  • cotton flannelette (especially white, cream, black or pastel prints – not baby pattern prints)
  • polar fleece fabric
  • stretch lace 4″ wide, any color
  • black and white thread, large spools
  • sewing pins
  • scissors
  • sundries used in sewing projects